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I want to start out by saying sorry. In the past, I've been a jerk, ass, douche, whatever you want to call it. I was being self-centered when I deleted my art, and I wasn't thinking about people who still wanted to see/use it. And for those Metanet-goers, who have more experience with me, I'm also sorry if I was one of those characters above. It was uncalled for. Me leaving Navick and not telling you my new username was also a shitty choice. I'm sorry again, and you haven't missed out on anything: I don't have my Photoshop code, and the trial ran out. I'll be getting another copy of CS3/4 later this year, and I'll show you my username.

And unless you want to see crappy Paint art, I'll see you later this year.
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Navick Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2009
Thanks, everyone, for the support or thanks-for-the-support posts. But I'm done with this account, and I'll see you (all who want to see me) later this year. Thanks again,
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